Tasbeeh | A Chant That Can Change your Life

Various religions have their distinct ways of praying and meditating, but most of them use a tasbeeh (tasbih) to count the number of times they have chanted a verse or mantra. Regardless of your religions, a tasbeeh counter  (tasbih counter)is an excellent way of keeping track of your prayers/recitations.

Moreover, a tasbeeh in physical form is something that we use to keep track of the number of repetitions of words. Spiritually, it is the zikr that we recite and to praise our Creator and ask for help or/and repentance.

Different religions have different beliefs and ways to use and recite the tasbih, but as we are Muslims, we will discuss this matter from a Muslim point of view. We will make sure that everything is elaborated well and we leave you with no queries by the end of this article.

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